I'm so glad you're considering some time together.

Below is a chart of the donation I request for my time, entertainment, and companionship.

If you’re interested in more extended time, weekend getaways, travel or flying me to your location, just send me an e-mail at mynataliejean@protonmail.com. I am passport ready!


One Hour$600
One Hour and a Half $900
Two Hours $1200
Three Hours $1500

Extended Engagements*

*All extended engagements require some time sharing a meal and/or in a public setting.

Dinner Date/4 Hours $1800
Night Out/6 Hours $2200
 Slumber Party/14 Hours $3200
Don’t Stop the Clock/24 Hours$5000

*In date extensions are $400 and only if my schedule allows. Couples, add $500. Travel outside downtown San Francisco and the East Bay, requires a minimum 1.5hr date and 25% deposit.