Hello, I’m Natalie Jean…



Denver Tour: March 13-15, 2020
 Only taking 1 (or 2) 4+ hour evening dates. Deposit (25%) and pre-booking required. E-mail to book.


In your imagination — whether in a restful sleep or a stolen daydream, you imagined an ethereal, irresistible girl living next door. You found her balanced, elegant, and whip-smart, but her veneer of sensibility barely hid what was underneath. Flirtation that toed the line between propriety and unashamed cheekiness. Ardent desire, which reflected in her silky, fiery red hair. A sparkle in her blue eyes that promised that any moment with her would render time completely meaningless, if only sparing a single measurement: time spent in the warmth of her presence, and time spent in want of that.


Lucky for you, I am here and eager to fulfill your fantasy. Educated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in Art, I move in the ever-buzzing tech space during the day, and luxuriate in spaces of decadence and pleasure in my off hours. The simple things in life are the ones I savor the most–witty banter over wine tasting, meandering through winding art galleries, or sharing about my alpine climbing adventures over fine dining.


I have a penchant for keeping my circle of lovers small and well-treasured. I adore men who can match my intelligence and eloquence, and who are respectful, generous, and maybe just a bit imaginative and quirky. Let’s slow the world down a bit and captivate one another. Let us leave, desiring to return to this daydream again and again and again.


Come rendezvous with me?

Get to Know Me


Age: Late 20s

Measurements: 30A-25-35

Height: 5’8″

Weight: 130lbs

Hair: Red

Eyes: Blue

Dress: 2-4US

Shoes: 10.5US/41EU